Bringing Back the Dying Art of Dinner Party

It’s been called the “quintessential human experience.”

Sharing food has, for thousands of years, been an essential expression of community between friends, families, colleagues and allies. Even the very term often used – “breaking bread” – carries much more significance than simply fueling the body – it has come to mean the establishment of trust, amity and fellowship. We may eat to live, but we dine to LIVE.

With the fast pace of modern existence, the always-connected-but-rarely-in-touch nature of our social lives, and mobile apps that let us have food on our doorsteps in minutes with the click of a button or the tap of a screen, we are in danger of losing that quintessential human experience. Sure we can eat more quickly and easily. But dine? That’s a different matter altogether.

Until now.

We founded because we think that dinner parties with old friends, new friends, or even colleagues are in far too short supply in today’s world. We also believe that using technology to carve out a couple of hours to reconnect is, ironically, one of the better ways to maintain and restore the connections that that very same technology threatens to erode.

Simply put, the dinner party is a vanishing art, and we’re determined to do what we can to help it come roaring back.

At, we do that by connecting with the Boston-area’s best restaurateurs and chefs, who commit to offering our hosts and their guests a unique, off-menu, luxe dining experience sans hassles. is free and easy – just browse our growing collection of awesome restaurant partners, select one of the excellent culinary adventures they’ve put together just for us, and invite your guests. We handle invitations, RSVPs and payment so that you can focus on the fun part – anticipating a great evening, and enjoying it with the people you’ve gathered together.

Our goal is to provide the easiest possible path from invitation to the table, an amazing, unique, dining experience and the end of the hassle of splitting the check at the end of the night. The result is a delicious dining experience that allows people to focus on what’s important – fully enjoying the company of their friends.

If you haven’t, we hope you’ll take a moment to join so that we can keep you abreast of new restaurant partners, new menus, the latest in ‘experience dining’, and the contests, discounts and other things that we put together from time-to-time to make easy and fun.

This is our invitation to you– Great Restaurants, Great Friends, and No Hassles!